Medeco was founded in 1968 and is the leading brand in high security locks. Many people overestimate the amount of security and quality of a lock; fortunately, Medeco is a standout in both fields. The average lock you purchase at big box stores, are not high security locks at all.​​

Let’s talk about what makes Medeco a standout in high security.

This lock works with Medeco’s patented keyway and Biaxle Technology, where angled cuts match up with slanted pins. Only then will the special sidebar lock into place allowing the key to turn; thus preventing Picking and Bumping of the lock.

Medeco’s patented keyway extends the ultimate in key control. As a licensed Medeco Locksmith we are legally bound to authenticate the authorization of each duplicate key issued; making it impossible for unauthorized key duplication.

These high security locks are made in the USA. Medeco offers an assortment of locks to meet your needs for a variety of applications for all industries.

Try Medeco's high-security locks

Medeco’s patented Biaxial® system means it’s virtually impossible for someone to get a copy of your keys without your permission. Only Medeco security professionals are authorized to copy your key, and only with your consent.

Secure your home with a Medeco lock

Locks provide no protection if others can copy your keys. Many people have access to the keys to your home, including house-keepers, previous owners, ex-spouses, babysitters, valet parking attendants, car mechanics, etc. Even an unskilled thief can get a copy of your key made by writing down the code stamped on it.

Be informed about your home's security

Chances are, your key can be duplicated anywhere keys are made, such as hardware stores and discount stores, and it only takes moments. Industry experts point out that because common locksets have limited combinations, the chances of your neighbor’s key fitting your door are as high as 1 in 50.

Protect your home your way

You can even get a card that requires your authorization before a key is made. You can trust your keys to Medeco. Key control is our business. We are the standard. Medeco® has designed flexible key control programs to meet a wide range of security specifications and key access requirements.